What makes us different

Effective marketing is and must be highly connected, personal, and emotional.

When someone tells you, "It’s not personal, it's just business," you know their marketing is disconnected -- neither personal nor emotional. More than likely they are successful in spurts.

A company needs to touch a customer more than 32 times before the customer will begin to engage. Ten years ago that number was only 7 times. Each day we are bombarded with over 30,000 messages. The question is: How will you, as an organization, reach through the 30,000 and capture the mind share of your potential customer and retain your current customer base.

The answer is, by strategic design and not by default.

At Social Tech Media, we have a complete and proven philosophy on how to execute an effective marketing strategy by design, which translates to a successful marketing plan, customer acquisition, and ultimately retention.

95% of marketing is done by default. Many times a well intended marketing manager or director will spend money and hope for the best. Instead of executing on a plan designed specifically to acquire and retain their target customers. 

This is where we bridge the gap. We will work with you to develop a complete marketing plan with the right mix of Inbound, Digital, Traditional and Social Media that will reduce cost, deliver measurable ROI, increased productivity, and increased revenue.

Contact us for a customized plan for you and your organization: questions@socialtechmedia.com or +1 408-334-1122


About The Founder

Christina Wood has a dynamic record of achievement positioning start-up high-growth companies for multi-million dollar revenue growth and total market value. As a global brand-strategist with extensive International Business Experience, she is repeatedly handpicked to get results, define brand vision and strategy, build high-caliber marketing teams, and establish foundations for product development. Her extensive experience and success in marketing, both in the U.S. and internationally, has earned her a reputation as a driving, success-oriented senior executive. She is a leader who inspires teams while focusing on the individual. 

Christina specializes in defining brands, driving demand, and increasing revenue exponentially. The bottom-line is that Christina has delivered multiple millions of dollars in revenue to start-ups and Fortune 500 organizations.  A capstone is that the organizations she worked with have received multiple awards and recognitions for outstanding growth.

Christina Wood is a graduate of Azusa Pacific University with a BA in Communication Studies. Most important to her, and the blessing for which she is most grateful, is her daughter, the bright, vivacious light of Christina’s life. Christina lives with her daughter in Westlake Village, CA. Christina believes strongly in giving back and has been a mentor to rising stars in life and business. Christina loves to encourage individuals on their career path and to growth and success. 

For a customized plan for you and your organization, contact us at questions@socialtechmedia.com or +1 408-334-1122